Third-party services

Lunar Control Center comes with readily available deployment scripts of third-party services.

The third-party services configuration scripts come with the installation of Lunar Control Center. The scripts can help administrators quickly deploy and configure services that will add additional functionalities or control over their Lunar Control Center instance.

Third-party services



Monitoring software that provides real-time monitoring and metrics collection for your LCC instance.


Security monitoring platform for detecting, monitoring, and responding to security threats on your infrastructure hosting LCC.


A real-time collaboration (RTC) server that enables XMPP communication.


A SIP server that handles SIP signaling, registration, routing, and other tasks necessary for enabling VoIP services.


A lightweight container management platform that provides a user-friendly interface for managing Docker containers, and related resources.


A data visualization tool that allows users to create dashboards and graphs for analyzing and monitoring metrics from various data sources such as databases, APIs, and monitoring systems like Zabbix.


Packet and Event Observability framework for VoiP/RTC Monitoring Applications based on the HEP/EEP protocol for ingesting signaling, rtc events, logs and statistics with instant search, end-to-end correlation and drill-down capabilities. Used for monitoring and troubleshooting SIP-related issues.


The Network Time Protocol is a networking protocol for clock synchronization between computer systems over packet-switched, variable-latency data networks.


A protocol that authenticates communications between a DNS client and a DNS resolver. It prevents DNS spoofing. It uses cryptographic signatures to verify that responses originate from the chosen DNS resolver and haven't been tampered with.

The scripts are available in .sh format. With every update of Lunar Control Center, the scripts are also updated. The scripts are used to deploy and/or update packages, as well as install dependencies with Lunar Control Center.

Using our third-party services set up scripts is important for OpenFire, Kamailio, and RTPEngine technologies due to version compatibility and dependencies.

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