Lunar Control Center Console


The Lunar Control Center Console serves as a centralized user interface for operators to efficiently manage and monitor devices remotely. The console acts as a single point of control, providing operators with a comprehensive set of tools and features to ensure seamless device management and real-time monitoring.


Account provisioning

Operators can create, suspend, or delete device accounts on demand.

Management actions

Operators can remotely execute management actions on devices, including resetting device account passwords, wiping devices, and changing device visibility and permission groups.

Policy management

Operators can create, edit, or delete device policies which are then applied through the Policy Controller application. The policies can be managed on three levels: instance-wide (affecting all devices), group-wide (affecting a subset of devices), and specific devices (affecting a single device).

Software OTA updates

Operators manage OTA OS updates through the console, allowing them to initiate OTA updates to their fleet of devices.

Management of app catalogue

Operators can manage app catalogs for their fleet of devices. The app catalogs can be created on three levels: instance-wide (affecting all devices), group-wide (affecting a subset of devices), and specific device (affecting a single device).

Device logs

Operators can access device logs individually for devices or aggregated in a report. The logs include network logs, action logs, sensor logs, traffic logs, and notification logs.

Software integrity

The Lunar Control Center receives information about the local device settings through the Policy Controller application. The Software Integrity report feature compares the on-device settings with the policy configured on Lunar Control Center, including whether certain settings are enabled or disabled, and the software version the device is running on.

Any discrepancies between configured policies and actual device settings trigger notification warnings, helping SOC teams identify any potential device security threats.

Follow our manual to get started with Lunar Control Center Console.

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